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Special friends and places

Creekside Creative Media

Creekside Creative Media is the genius behind our original website.  They created the unique design, colors and banners that made our website so beautiful.  The banner we use in our new website here, was designed by Creekside.  It is also worth mentioning that Karen, Mark and I go WAY back - as in 1974 college days at Lycoming College, PA.  Our friendship has survived some crazy days and I treasure Karen and Mark tremendously - thank you Karen and Mark for being in my life...

Hawk's Flight Productions

The 2011 chestnut filly, HF Lady Snickers, has her own website created by Hawk's Flight Productions to highlight videos - webisodes - depicting life here at Hawk's Flight Farm. 

We are working on some fun projects which will be added in early 2014; in the meantime, please visit Snickers' website and enjoy the webisodes we have featured there...

Suzanne Sturgill

Suzanne is not only the photographer extraordinaire, she is a close friend and fellow-Floridian.  Suzanne has been capturing Hawk's Flight Farm horses since 1997 and we are blessed to have her live nearby!  (She's also an amazing singer!!!!!)

April Visel

Many of the photos taken for our brochure and featured here were taken by the dazzling April Visel.  April says, "..if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life - it's SO true!"  April's love for her profession is clearly revealed in her signature photographic style.

Arabian Fancy Tack

Gina Dupree, the creative genius of Arabian Fancy Tack, is my go-to girl for the bling halters we use at Hawk's Flight Farm.  The first custom piece she did for us is pictured here - a one-of-a-kind piece for our stallion, Amir Jamaal; I wanted a halter that was reminiscent of Amir's grandsire - El Shaklan - and I ADORE what Gina created for us.  Gina's pieces are worn by international Arabian icons and have graced many magazine covers - thank you Gina!

Julie Patton

I wish we had more photos on our site taken by Julie Patton - but she lives TOO far away!  Please take a look at her website because her photography galleries depict how amazingly talented she is.  Her Arabian shots are off the charts, but Julie's wedding and baby pictures just take my breath away.  I should also mention that she is a very successful Arabian breeder herself. Come back to Florida soon Julie!!!

Cindy Reich

Cindy Reich visited our farm in 2011 and I wished she could have stayed here permanently!  She is one of the most eclectic and knowledgeable individuals I have ever met in the Arabian horse business.  Author (she writes Stud Farm Diaries for the Arabian Horse World magazine and other publications), Arabian horse  judge and consultant (she travels all over the world), equine reproductive expert, and godmother to HF Aliana Nazeera who she assisted in the creation of through ICSI - etc. etc. etc.. there are too many facets of Cindy to cover here!

She has also started a new venture called Judge my Horse in which she will evaluate your horse for an extremely reasonable price.   Please come back soon Cindy and we can visit Myakka State Park...

Horsefly Films

Jen Miller and Sophie Pegrum are true artists of the film/movie/documentary universe.  Their company, Horsefly Films, created unforgettable videos of some of our Arabians and we had a blast during the process.  Please visit their website to view the vast range of their talents.

Nancy Pierce

Nancy is another equine photographer that lives too far away from us! She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and her eye for capturing Arabians is strengthened by the fact that she is a consummate breeder herself.  Nancy also creates custom e-mail blasts and other graphic designs.  We hope she gets back to Florida soon!

Jamie Sealander

Jamie Sealander, a recent Ringling Art School graduate, is a modern Renaissance woman (and she is also a US Veteran).  Jamie is multi-talented in photography, jewelry design, bronze sculpting, etc. etc. etc.  She is also the proud owner of HF Bella Amira and is learning the exciting discipline with Bella of Western Dressage.  We love the photos she has taken for us here at the farm and look forward to her accomplishments in the future with Bella and all her other pursuits!

Ron Hevener

Author/Artist/Friend Ron Hevener specializes in animals and the romantic, adventurous people who love them.  He also is an active, licensed racehorse trainer and has a strong Russian Arabian breeding program.  Another passion we both share - COLLIES!! Ron owns one of the oldest dog show kennels in the USA - the Lochranza Kennels.  The wide-range of figurines and paintings created by Ron depict Arabians, collies and many breeds of dogs - please visit his website to see these irresistible pieces...

Equine Reproductive Services

Equine Reproductive Services provides many facets of horse breeding, from stallion management to fresh and frozen stallion collections.  We use ERS exclusively at the start of every breeding season to evaluate the breeding health of our stallion, Amir Jamaal, and also to preserve frozen semen for later use - fantastic knowledge base and great fun to work with!

Arabian Horse Association

With 27,000 members, the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) provides many opportunities for you to tap into the Arabian horse lifestyle.  AHA is a full-service breed association and registry for owners of Arabians, Half-Arabians, and Anglo-Arabian horses.

Karen Abbattista

I have known Karen for many years as a neighbor and as a friend. I met her when she was trail riding in our neighborhood on a horse that looked very familiar to me.  I asked her to stop, introduced myself, and asked her about the chestnut gelding she was on.  Well, he was Caldarin Goldstar +, a gelding I had bred and sold, who was sired by my first stallion, Cal Daaba.

I have followed her successes in the dressage ring with "Ringo" and her other horses, and am now thrilled that she is training full-time!  Karen works with HF Cali Daaba, HF Bella Amira, and HF Rohan Jamaal on various levels and we are excited to see their progress.

Karen also provides lessons for adults and youth on HF Cali Daaba.

Horses in the Morning Radio Show/Podcasts

Horses in the morning provides a light, entertaining daily look at every aspect you can think of in the horse world.  Glenn the Geek is the host and is joined daily by various co-hosts and guests that are experts on the topic at hand.

Can't tune in live?  NO problem - the shows are archived as podcasts so you can listen at your convenience.  You will enjoy the banter and the information brought to you in the Horses in the Morning Shows.

John Power Training

John Power Training is now more accessible for us here at Hawk's Flight Farm - Shari and John have a beautiful training facility in Panther Ridge, Florida.

When John is not judging Scottsdale, a Regional show, or US/Canadian Nationals, you will find him training his clients' horses in several disciplines. John also is available for equine consultations and appraisals.

Southland Collies

Southland Collies and its owner, Mike (Sheela Mike Cheatham) are very close to my heart.  I went to visit Southland Collies, Petersburg, TN, and fell in love with a sable collie who now lives with us here at the farm.

Mike is a powerful mentor as Rough Collie pedigrees and conformation are new subjects for me and Mike very patiently answers my questions.  She is also an accomplished portrait artist; we treasure the portrait she did of HF Lady Snickers.

Mike is pictured here with CH Southland's Bowen Island ROM, 2002 Best of Breed Collie Club of America. Bowen left her many champion offspring to carry on his legacy.

Nightwind Collies

Suzanne Berggren of Nightwind Collies is my other go-to Rough collie person.  Suzanne helped me find the male collie I wanted - Gabriel - and even flew down with him to Florida from Pennsylvania to guarantee that he would get here safely.

We have been like sisters ever since and I look forward to her annual visits to the farm so I can act like a tourist for a while!

See you in foaling season 2014 my friend!


Sanchas Arabians

Sandy and Charlie Miller of Sanchas Arabians can directly claim their start in the Arabian horse business to the Discovery Program hosted by the Arabian Horse Association.  I am a participant in the Discovery Program and was contacted in 2006 by Charlie Miller.  He asked if he and his wife could visit our farm so we set up the appointment and that was the start of it all.

They fell in love with HF Winning Colours - a 2006 colt - and the rest, as they say, is history.

They are now the proud owners of HF Winning Colours, HF Magnum Antares, and several other quality Arabians.  They founded their farm in Tullahoma, TN and I miss them dearly!!!


Photos by Sam

Sam Johnson and I go way back in friendship when we were both working in the world of death investigation, autopsies and forensic photography.  I left the profession and jumped into the world of Arabian horses and Sam took his photographic skills and developed a highly successful business.

Please take a look at his website and enjoy his transition to much more positive subjects!!