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The Mares of Hawk's Flight Farm
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HF Magnum Luna
HF Diva Jamaal
HF Exquisite Colours
HF Charm Bracelet
HF Amira de Lis
HF Psyquoia
Lady Godivaa
HF Cali Daaba
La Diva Bella

HF Magnum Luna - Magnum Chall HVP X Psykie Delic


2006 chestnut Arabian mare
photo credit:  Suzanne Sturgill
halter set:  Arabian Fancy Tack

IHF Magnum Luna closely resembles her beautiful mother, Psykie Delic.  Her sire, Magnum Chall HVP has numerous accolades internationally in the halter divisions.  Luna was Top Five as a yearling in the Scottsdale Signature Class out of 92 fillies shown - did not think my nerves could take much more suspense after going through all those cuts with her (shown by the wonderful Matt Murray for us!!).  She has powerful movement and presence and we look forward to her future as a prepotent broodmare due to such a royal pedigree.

Luna has had  a striking bay colt by Amir Jamaal, now owned and loved by Lara Arabians, Florida.  In 2015, Luna had a gorgeous filly sired by HF Winning Colours for our friends at Sanchas Arabians, Tullahoma, TN.


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PGN Zimazing Grace - Shah Azim X Amulet VCF

HF Diva Jamaal - Amir Jamaal X GF Exquisite

1999  grey Arabian mare
photo credits:  April Visel/Suzanne Sturgill

IDiva is sired by our stallion, Amir Jamaal, and out of our foundation mare, GF Exquisite.  Diva and her half sister, HF Amira de Lis, were Amir's first Florida foal crop and showed us that Amir was going to be a powerful sire for our program.  Diva is my riding mare and she passes on her amazing temperament, movement and beauty to her offspring. 

Her three daughters we have retained are the exotic HF Exquisite Colours, HF Charm Bracelet, and HF Shahara Jamaal.


Click here for Diva's pedigree

Diva's Video by Horse Fly Films





HF Exquisite Colours - True Colours X HF DIva Jamaal

2006 grey Arabian mare
photo credit:  Julie Patton

HF Exquisite Colours' name combines that of her granddam, GF Exquisite and her sire - True Colours.  True Colours was owned by the Snelgroves, Canada, when we used him as a sire for several of our mares.  "Lola", as we call HF Exquisite Colours, was injured as a yearling and we did not show her and just let her grow up.  She is now a stunning, silver grey mare reflecting incredible type and movement.  Lola had her first foal for us in May 2015 - a superb grey filly by international champion, Baahir El Marwan!  She had another beautiful grey filly in 2016 for us, sired by Elite AF - Tapestry EP.


Click here for Lola's pedigree




HF Charm Bracelet - Ames Charisma X HF Diva Jamaal

2007 chestnut Arabian mare
photo credits:  April Visel/Suzanne Sturgill /Javan/Jamie Sealander

IWhen HF Charm Bracelet was in the process of entering the world, I opened the amniotic sac and she started talking to me - while not even completely delivered yet!  She hasn't stopped since - she is the most vocal mare in the barn.  She also is one of the most exotic-headed Arabians we have ever bred.  Her striking flaxen mane and tail, combined with her size and "runway" attitude make her one of the most special "princesses" at Hawk's Flight Farm.  She was named for a unique white bracelet marking that encircles her right leg below the knee.

We bred her for the first time to her grandfather, Amir Jamaal, and are thrilled with the outcome - a special bay 2012 filly we have appropriately christened HF Tiara Jamaal.  There will be many more special foals coming out of HF Charm Bracelet for the show ring in the future.


Click here for Charm's pedigree




HF Amira de Lis - Amir Jamaal X SA Maleeka

1999 bay Arabian mare
photo credit:  Suzanne Sturgill

Amira is another one of our prized, mature Amir Jamaal daughters and represents three generations of our breeding program.   Amira' s dam, SA Maleeka, was a high-point state halter champion as a three year old in Florida and one of only two daughters we had from our foundation queen, GF Exquisite.

Amira's offspring are the following:

HF Winning Colours - sired by international  champion, True Colours.  "Harry" as he is affectionately called, is a multi-champion stallion in the halter arena.  Among his wins are "Most Classic Head" at the 2011 Egyptian Event.  Harry is proudly loved and owned by Sanchas Arabians, Tullahoma, TN. His first foal, a 2013 gorgeous bay colt out of HF Magnum Antares, now qualifies him as an exciting sire for future generations.

HF Mister GQ - sired by the National Champion, Ames Charisma.  "Gabe" was shown only once, at the Las Vegas Breeders Cup and was Top 5 in the Yearling class.

HF Bella Amira - sired by multi-champion, Odyssey SC, is still proudly owned by Jamie Sealander of Sarasota, Florida.  Jamie plans on showing her in the world of Western Pleasure.

Click here for Amira's pedigree





HF Psyquoia - Psymadre X Shalimar Bey

2002 chestnut Arabian mare
photo credits:  Ally Nelson/Brandy Phillips

Psyquoia and Amir Jamaal are the magic cross here at Hawk's Flight Farm.  Their first offspring, HF Psypher, was originally purchased by our friend, Matt Murray.  Matt took Psypher to halter championships in the US Nationals, Canadian Nationals, and Scottsdale. Psypher is now competing in halter AND performance and was US Unanimous Champion Gelding in 2012.

Psyquoia's other foals are highly prized by their owners for their breeding and performance attributes.  We are hoping that she will give us a few daughters/sons we can retain for Hawk's Flight Farm in the near future.

Click here for Psyquoia's pedigree





Lady Godivaa - Padron Psyche X Lady Larissa

2002 chestnut Arabian mare
photo credits:  Suzanne Sturgill/April Visel

Lady Godivaa captured my heart when I saw her in a stall as I was on my way to see Ecaho at the Jade Creek stalls at US Nationals one year in Albequerque.  Her huge, luminous eyes stopped me in my tracks and I fell deeply in love with her.  I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase her and she is now one of our treasured broodmares at HFF.  Her sire is one of the most prolific Padron sons - Padron Psyche - and her dam is the beloved JK Spartan daughter, Lady Larissa, owned and bred by Sandy Markoff.

Her offspring to date, all sired by Amir Jamaal, are:

HF Lady Truffles - 2007 grey mare - loved and owned by Isabel and Gustavo Doria, Florida

HF Hot Chocolate - 2008 grey gelding - nurtured and owned by Victoria Willcox, Florida - "Dare" will be making his debut in the endurance world with Victoria in 2014!

HF Lady Bonbon - 2009 grey mare - crazily spoiled and loved by Leanne Todd and Wil Graham of Texas - great future plans for them all! 

HF Lady Snickers - 2011 chestnut mare - retained  for future HFF foals.

HF Lady Violetta - 2014 grey filly - this one is also a keeper!!

Click here for Godivaa's pedigree





HF Cali Daaba - Cal Daaba X Minstrils Song

2006 grey Arabian mare
photo credit:  Shoot Perfect Equine Photography
trainer/rider:  Karen Abbatista/Susan Mori

HF Cali Daaba is the only purebred daughter produced by my first Arabian stallion, Cal Daaba.  Her dam, a straight Egyptian Minstril daughter, had the most incredible movement - powerful hocks and drive. 

Cal Daaba was bred by Callenberger Farms in PA; he was the best riding horse I have ever sat on.  He was a blessing in my life for 25 of his 26 years and I miss him dearly.

Cali is successfully making her debut in the Open Dressage arenas here in Florida and is consistently scoring in the high 60's .  Cali is now co-owned with Susan Mori - Susan and Cali are having consistent success in the dressage ring and their collection of blue ribbons is growing!

Click here to see Cali's pedigree





La Diva Bella - Renaissanse X Amulet VCF

2007 black Arabian mare
photo credit:  Jamie Sealander

IThis mare caught our attention thanks to some beautiful photos taken by Nancy Pierce for an e-mail blast and also due to her illustrious pedigree.  Renaissanse, owned by Holly Dillin/Western Cross Arabians, is an Ali Jamaal son - our hero!!  Amulet VCF was sired by another one of my all-time favorites - Shah Azim.  The maternal dam line reflects Arabian royalty also:  Huckleberry Bey, *Etuda, and Comet.  This mare crosses incredibly well with our stallion, Amir Jamaal - doubling up on the Ali Jamaal lines - up close - and producing type AND movement.  Pictured with "Beauty" (I know, corny but the granddaughter had to pick her barn name, so the princess won over originality..), is her 2012 chestnut colt by Amir Jamaal.


2012 chestnut gelding - HF Draken Jamaal - beginning his endurance training with Sunmoon Ranch.

2013 grey filly - HF Ajdala Jamaal - she carries the black gene and will be retained for our broodmare collection.

2014 grey gelding - HF Maverick Jamaal - future endurance prospect!

2016 homozygous BLACK colt - HF Creed - sired by Ferric BP.