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2017 Foaling Schedule

Hawk's Flight Farm is proud to announce the following 2017 foals expected:

Stork Delivery: February 2017

Left:  PGN Zimazing Grace - 2005 chestnut mare

Right:  Bellagio RCA - 2003 SE black stallion

Stork delivery: February 2016:

Left:  HF Amira de Lis - 1999 bay mare

Right:  Elite AF 

2011 bay stallion

Minnesota Fall Fest Auction Foal!!

Stork delivery:  March 2017 

Left:  La Diva Bella

2007 black mare 

Right:  Trussardi

2009 chestnut stallion

Region 12 Spotlight Auction Foal!!!

Stork delivery:  February 2017

Left:   HF India Jamaal

2009 grey mare

Right:  Bellagio RCA

2003 SE Black stallion

Stork delivery:  April 2017

Left:  HF India Jamaal

2009 grey mare

Right:  Elite AF 

2011 bay stallion

Stork Delivery: March 2017

Left:  HF Ajdala Jamaal

2013 grey mare

Right:  Beckham UA

2011 chestnut stallion

Stork Delivery:  April 2017

Left:  Hf Magnum Luna

2006 chestnut mare

Right:  Elite AF

2011 bay stallion